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FKP-10 Pneumatic Bagger

FKP-10 air baggersFKP-10 Options

  • Automatic Start
  • Automatic Bag Discharge
  • Automatic Fill Tube Purge
  • Custom Fill Spouts
  • Air Alleviating Spouts
  • Replaceable Liner Spouts
  • Drum & Pail Filling Attachments
  • Stainless Steel Facings
  • Dust Hoods to Suit Requirements
  • Distinctive Finishes
  • Electronic Scale

A simultaneous fill and gross weighing machine, the FKP-10 is an efficient, fluidizing bagger, integrating a pressurized product chamber for superior product handling.

F1RST KLAS PACKAGING FKP-10 air baggers have an automatic start option which is activated when a bag is placed on the air bagger fill spout, allowing the bag clamp to come down and automatically start the bagger.

Our air baggers can use an optional automatic bag discharge which will automatically release the bag from the machine onto a conveyor when the bag is full, and can be modified so the bagger may fill product by using various spouts. They can also be modified for air alleviating spouts.

FKP-10 air baggers have many options, including some with replaceable liner spouts.

Stainless steel facings are also optional for use with corrosive or food applications, as well as optional dust hoods to suit individual requirements.

Our baggers can also be equipped with an electronic scale option, and we offer distinctive finishes on our air baggers for corrosive or wash down environments.


  • Weight Range: 20-110 lb (9-50KG) Bags
  • Fill Rate: 1-12 Bags/Minute (Depending on Product Characteristics & Bag Sizing)
  • Bag Types: Paper, Plastic & Poly Woven Valve Bags
  • Typical Scale Weight Accuracy: +/- .5-1% of Target Weight
  • Control Air: 80 PSI at 1 CFM per Bag Fill Cycle
  • Possible Electrical Requirements: 110 Volt, 220 Volt, 380 Volt, 440 Volt or 575 Volt/3 Phase/60 Cycle

Applicable Uses

  • Building Materials: Cement, Concrete, Stucco, Grout, Plaster, Sand, Refractories
  • Industrial Minerals: Graphite, Garnet, Barite, Bentonite, Gypsum
  • Chemicals: Plastic Pellets, Fertilizer, Hydrated Lime, Zinc Oxide, TIO2, Iron Oxide, Carbon Black
  • Food Products: Flour, Sugar, Salt, Cake Mixes, Cocoa
  • Agricultural: Feed, Seed, Fertilizer, Wood Pellets


  • Modular design for effortless add-on of multiple units
  • Scale assembly and operator gauges mounted at front of bagger
  • Full flexure mounted weighing apparatus for consistent support through scale travel
  • Low pressure blower may not be required for fine powders
  • Pressure assist product chamber for enhanced control and more rapid filling
  • Fluidizing options to suit your product