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  • FK-6 Auger Bagger #1
  • FK-6 Auger Bagger #2
  • FKP-10 Air Bagger #1
  • FKP-10 Air Bagger #2
Professional & Safety-Driven
Your Complete Packaging Needs
Auger Bagger Machine
Featuring the FK-6
Established in 1998
Your Valve Bagging Company
Air Bagger Machine
Featuring the FKP-10

Welcome to First Klas Packaging

First Klas HopperSince 1989, First Klas Packaging has specialized in industrial auger and pneumatic-type bag packaging machines with superior customer satisfaction. In addition to our specialty, we also offer custom welding and fabrication services for a variety of clients that allows us to provide unique problem-solving expertise to the most complex of jobs. From industrial manufacturers to the food industry, First Klas has provided top-notch quality and customer service while saving our clients cost and most of all, giving new levels of safety in their workspace. In the current manufacturing industry, there is no better solution than First Klas. If you are interested in products or services from First Klas Packaging, contact us today!

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