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About Us

Pneumatic-type bagging machineFirst Klas Packaging began servicing machines in 1989 and has been in business as the entity we know since 1998. We are incredibly proud of our superior customer service while specializing in industrial auger and pneumatic-type bag packaging machines. Our bag packaging machines fill paper and plastic bags with dry bulk powders, granules, and flake products.

Our machinery and systems are capable of accurately filling bags at high rates of speed and remain dependable through many years of service. We offer new, used and completely re-built bagging equipment and machinery with total servicing available.

Our equipment is suitable for cement, flour, grain, gravel, pigments, resins, sand, soil, starch, sugar and a variety of other similar, free-flowing products.

First Klas Packaging also handles custom welding, fabrication, and machine work, so if you need a custom tool or have a custom project in mind, please give us a call!